Quarry hill

Cave entrance at Quarry Hill Nature Center

Dead Man's Bridge:

Location: Quarry Hill Nature Center and ParkEdit


In the 1960's a person himself from the "Dead Man's Bridge". The State Hospital Insane Asylum was built in the 1870's and was in 1965. The cemetery was used from 1886 to 1965 where 2,019 people are buried. 212-acre land was bought by the city and was turned into a quarry in the 1880's. The quarry closed in 1950. A man by the name of Tomas Coyne excavated the caves in 1882 where food and supplies for the hospital were held and delivered by wagons. It was abandoned in 1940's. In 1972, work began to build the nature center. Through the history of the park, 2,000 mentally ill patients and workers died.

Hotspots and ClaimsEdit

Cemetery: zaps and crackles on recorder if near a grave.

Caves: ghostly wagons, ghosts approach.

Dead Man's Bridge: ghost of hung person chasing people, ghostly hanging, weird blotch in photos, dark oozing liquid underneath bridge.

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